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Choir robes is operated by PGN PTE LTD and advised by Cana Bible Presbyterian Church Committee. PGN PTE LTD was founded in 2012 and our dream was to start our own company by harnessing on fine tailoring skills of our in-house tailor. Our tailor has many years of experience in the industry and managed many large scale productions. Our target customers are organizations such as churches in the local and Asian regions. Hence, establishing Choir robes as a premier company in the choir and costume designing for choral dresses, gowns and supplies for Directors, Organists, Clergy and Pulpit .

Choir robes is a privately owned company. With sales to the Asia region, the company is truly international. However, we have always maintained the small-company feel and place customer service as our highest priority. Whether you are interested in choir gowns, robes or other products, you can always be sure that you are dealing with a company that places you, the customer as number one.


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